Frog and Toad, composed by drummer Dave King, is an homage to the endearing children's series of the same name written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel. In my arrangement, I've orchestrated the left hand piano voice for the bass clarinet and the right hand melody for the flugelhorn.

Blues For Stephanie by bassist and bandleader John Clayton. Recorded with the Western Michigan University Jazz Orchestra for the album Travel Notes. Trumpet solo at 1:55.

Ornette written by saxophonist Theo Kuepfer as a tribute to the pioneering free jazz musician Ornette Coleman.

We Suck Young Blood by Radiohead and rearranged by yours truly for the Western Michigan University Advanced Jazz Combo. I used timbre as my primary compositional parameter. You'll hear prepared piano, saxophone multiphonics, trumpet with electronics, slide guitar, and a few other timbral nuances.

Prince Albert by Kenny Dorham, arranged by Jon Ailabouni.