Jon feels dance, movement, image, concept, idea, metaphor, and methodology, and brings feeling and intention into form through music. Whether solo or ensemble of any instrumentation, his collaborative skills are unparalleled and with Jon in the collaborative landscape, the creative process is unrivaled.
— Jane Hawley, Choreographer
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Composing and Collaborating

Ailabouni's interest in interdisciplinary work has led to multiple large-scale collaborations featuring his composition including Highway 57 with dancer-choreographer Blake Nellis and Body of WaterThe Invitation Game, and Who Do You Trust? with choreographer Jane Hawley


Body of Water

Choreographer's Notes: "The Body of Water Project reveals the sacredness of water—this essential molecule and elixir of life—while acknowledging challenges and solutions surrounding water usage and quality on a local, regional, and global scale.  Science and the arts are intentionally interwoven to more powerfully inform, connect, and inspire human bodies of water to cherish and protect this precious and damaged natural resource."

Choreography by Jane Hawley in collaboration with Biologist Jodi Enos Berlage. Music by Jon Ailabouni. Download or purchase the Body of Water DVD here.


Who Do you Trust?

Who Do You Trust? uses “directography,” a new method for making dances developed by Jane Hawley in 2002.

The “directography” for Who Do You Trust? comes from written directives scribed by Hawley while witnessing two brothers interact at the ages of two and four years. For Hawley, when two adult bodies use these directives, the results portray spontaneous and unprecedented choreography, trust, and abandonment. Each duet is unique and deeply evocative.

Who Do You Trust? premieres nine duets within a gallery exhibition format. Audience members meander throughout the exhibition, stopping to sit or stand and ponder as they witness and reflect upon patterns and themes within the choreography and music.

Choreography by Jane Hawley. Music by Jon Ailabouni. Excerpts from the music can be found here.


Invitation Game

A collaborative work conceived and choreographed by Jane Hawley, Luther professor of dance, and Decorah, IA chiropractor Laurie Meinholz, the performance invites audience members to discover how movement engages and energizes the body, mind and spirit. The interactive work, seeks to inspire reflection upon habitual patterns of thinking while encouraging new ways of learning. Audience members are invited to move around the performance space and immerse in "movement games" or witness the centerpiece choreographed work a breath away from the dancers. This piece has been performed at Luther College in Decorah, IA and at regional middle schools as part of the annual STEAM Day celebration.

Choreography by Jane Hawley. Music by Jon Ailabouni.


Highway 57

Choreographer's Notes: "Inspired by Edgar Lee Masters "Spoon River Anthology", Highway 57 is an original dance work that will do more than demonstrate or narrate. This piece will remind you, inspire you, delight you and challenge you. We will take a trip, so to speak, exploring things we're afraid of: betrayal, loneliness, death, speeding tickets."

Choreography by Blake Nellis. Music by Jon Ailabouni, Justin Nellis, and Ted Moore.